月光之城 1930 Moonglow Cabaret 1930

Moonglow-Cabaret-1930Set at the end of the American Prohibition time, this new show is a unique recreation of the early 1930s entertainment, from music and dance style, to costumes and hairdos. During this show the audience can see live the charm of the vintage Hollywood glamour made famous by Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich and other silver screen sirens.  But when we travel back in time, we take the inspiration from the more modern films such as “Cabaret” and “Chicago”, mixing in that sexy jazzy Broadway style. The group acts are inspired by the great Busby Berkeley, one of the most famous movie musical directors and choreographers of the time, known for elaborate chorus lines. In this show, the Moonglow ladies will perform jazz and burlesque acts that intend to take you on a journey depicting the struggles that the showgirls faced during the Great Depression, and the struggle of the women now and then in finding their identity and a new place in the society. The line of androgynous sensuality and cross-dressing connects the acts throughout all five sets of the cabaret, sending the same message that many female performers of the 1930s tried to bringing across in their scandalous shows.

回到美国禁酒期末端的20世纪30年代,这个特殊的时期孕育了独特的音乐、舞蹈、服装、发型和娱乐表演形式。新秀中观众可重温复古好莱坞明星的魅力:葛丽泰·嘉宝(Greta Garbo),金格尔·罗杰斯(Ginger Rogers),玛琳·黛德丽(Marlene Dietrich)等;在回顾过去的同时我们的创作也从现代电影中汲取灵感,比如“卡巴莱Cabaret”和“芝加哥Chicago”,融入性感的爵士百老汇风格。集体舞表演的灵感来自伟大的巴斯比伯克利,他是当时最为著名的电影音乐导演和编舞家之一,以精心制作的歌舞而闻名。月光之城女郎们将爵士乐和滑稽表演结合,带你踏上歌舞女郎在大萧条期间所面临的斗争旅程,及女性在同社会争取女性权利的同时,并寻找自我。这一系列展示了女性的雄性一面,性感和雄性元素穿插其中,连接了五组歌舞表演,传达了30年代女演员们试图以讽刺表演形式披露社会中不公的丑闻。




About the acts关于表演

In each set of the show one of the Moonglow Vedettes will present their NEW special highlight act. 在每组节目中,月光之城一位女郎将展示其最新作品。

The first set will bring forward a new member of Moonglow Burlesque, the luscious Miss Argenta Luna, with an unusual and romantic act – Pierrot the Sad Clown. This classic character was often seen in theaters and vaudevilles of 1930s Paris. 月光之城新成员,露西亚小姐将带来一种不同寻常的浪漫- 皮埃罗悲伤的小丑。这种经典人物经常出现在30年代巴黎的剧院和杂耍表演中。



The fabulous Miss Diana Golde will leave you in awe as she dances around the stage in a shimmering lace gown, with a glowing golden moon at the tips of her fingers! This act and the costume are inspired by the Ziegfeld girls of the decade, and their iconic elegance. 神话般的戴安娜·戈尔德小姐会穿着闪闪发光的蕾丝礼服,手指尖上闪烁着金色的月亮起舞。表演和服装的灵感来自十年前的齐格菲尔德女孩,以及他们标志性的优雅姿态。


The rising star of Chinese burlesque Miss Scarlet Manhattan will indulge all the fans of “Chicago” with her new dazzling act inspired by that musical and film. Not only will you get to see her version of “Roxie”, but also the all-time favorite “All That Jazz”!  冉冉升起的滑稽剧新星“曼哈顿小姐Miss Scarlet Manhattan”将让所有粉丝沉迷于令人眼花缭乱的音乐电影“芝加哥”。您不仅可以看到她的“Roxie”版本,还可以看到有史以来最受欢迎的“爵士春秋All That Jazz”!


Every cabaret show has to have an exotic dance act, and Miss Liwa la Fleur has just what it takes – a gorgeous oriental feather fan dance, the classic act made famous by Sally Rand and Noel Toy. This act combined aesthetics of Anna May Wong’s vintage films, and 1930s Chinese burlesque performers and showgirls of the “Forbidden City” nightclub in San Francisco.   

每场卡巴莱都必须拥有一个充满异国情调的舞蹈表演,Liwa la Fleur华丽的东方羽毛扇舞,由莎莉兰德和诺埃尔玩具闻名的经典表演而闻名。表演结合了Anna May Wong的老式电影美学,以及30年代中国滑稽表演者和旧金山“紫禁城”夜总会的歌舞女郎。


A 1930s show or film would not be complete without a tap dance piece. Following the tradition, Miss Trixie Royale has prepared a special tribute act to Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker and other female performers who dressed in men’s attire on stage, against the society norms of the time. This playful act leads the finale of the show, inspired by the main dance performance in the film “Victor / Victoria”.

如果没有踢踏舞,20世纪30年代的表演和电影将不会完整。按照这一传统,Trixie Royale为玛琳·黛德丽(Marlene Dietrich),约瑟芬·贝克(Josephine Baker)和反对当时社会形态在舞台上穿着男装的女演员们准备了一个特别的敬意。舞蹈受“维多利亚/维多利亚”电影启发,趣味横生的表演引领了该剧的结局。


新秀由月光之城的明星00’Handsome先生主持。他那引人入胜,趣味横生的主持方式将观众带入每一幕的情境,引领观众推进故事的发展。The cabaret is hosted by Moonglow’s distinguished MC, the renowned Mr. 00’Handsome. As if presenting each act in his flaring, entertaining manner was not enough, he is stepping up and showing off his acting skills on stage during each set of the show, guiding the audience along the storyline.



For booking the show or individual acts, please contact the director: Wechat ID: Leru_Swing. Thank you!