Winter Follies 冬季富丽秀

Moonglow brings out the best of the winter season in this new revue show: the naughty and the nice, the magic of the night when miracles happen, the fragile beauty of the snowflakes, the jolly Christmas beats and the crazy vibes of Gatsby parties! 月光之城将展现最美好的冬季:顽皮和美好、奇幻和魔力夜晚、漫天散落的雪花、欢快的圣诞节奏和盖茨比派对热烈疯狂的氛围!


谁在意寒冷的冬季?月光之城女郎用他们欢乐和性感的舞姿将舞台升温。Who cares if it’s cold outside, when Moonglow showgirls heat up the stage with their cheerful chorus lines and enchanting sensual burlesque acts?

Let’s get crazy and celebrate Christmas and New Year with a bang – Gatsby style!! Flappers, feathers, shimmering gold, colorful costumes and new dance acts await you at the Winter Follies gala. 让我们疯狂的庆祝圣诞节和新年的Bang!- 盖茨比风格、时髦裙装女郎、羽毛 、闪闪发光的金色、五颜六色的衣着,及冬季富丽秀上最新的表演正在等着你!

But the best surprise Moonglow has prepared for the Holiday revue show is a new performer, the luscious songstress, Miss Jojo Nightingale! 最令人兴奋的是此次秀将带来一位新星-歌手Miss Jojo Nightingale (夜莺JOJO)


The white countess, Jojo, comes from the land of snow. She won multiple singing contests and awards all over East Europe and is now ready to delight the Beijing audience with her charming voice of a nightingale. 白色伯爵夫人JOJO来自冰雪国度,她在东欧各地赢得了多场歌唱比赛和奖项,她夜莺般迷人的嗓音将充满舞台。

Holidays are a time of singing along to happy Christmas tunes, and Jojo will get your hands clapping and fingers snapping with joyful songs and heartwarming jazz melodies.冬季假期是一个伴随着圣诞节欢乐曲调唱歌的时刻,JOJO将邀你共同举起双手,随着快乐温暖的爵士乐旋律共同喝彩。

Let’s not hold back and dive in to the Roaring Twenties to end the year with joy and greet the New Year with vintage splendor! 别迟疑!让我们带你进入喧嚣的二十年代,在欢乐中结束这一年,并以复古的辉煌迎接新的一年!



December 24 – Christmas Burlesque show @ Inception
December 29 – New Year’s Burlesque show @ Modernista
December 31 – New Year’s party @ Eudora Station
January 19 – Winter Follies full show @ Eudora Station
January 24 – Gatsby Glamour theme party @ Xian bar
January 26 – New Year’s Burlesque show @ Bricks