Shanghai Melody of 1928 上海旋律1928


Shanghai Melody of 1928” is a classic cabaret show, starring our fabulous singer Tallulah Chantease (aka Nanci). She will delight you with all the iconic Chinese jazz tunes, such as “Ye Shanghai” and “Give Me A Kiss”, while Moonglow showgirls will enchant you with their new seductive Chinese inspired costumes and dances!

上海旋律1928”是经典的宝思乐秀,Tallulah Chantease 的柔情歌声将为演出开场(aka Nanci),她将献上标志性的中国爵士歌曲,如 “夜上海”,“给我一个吻”,月光之城女郎将展示中国传统服装和舞蹈。


The show is divided in 4 or 5 sets, each about 15 min long, and featuring both singing and dancing. For each of those sets we have different costumes, to bring you different styles to please the eye. This program is especially recommended as a dinner show.


We open the show with the iconic songs “Ye Shanghai“, and “Jasmine Flowers”, then take you back to the roots of jazz – New Orleans with “Basin Street Blues” and the 1920s dance craze – the Charleston!


The second set is a lot more jazzy opened by a class Chorus Line dance, followed by a teasing tribute to Gypsy Rose Lee “Let Me Entertain You”, sweet sounds of “Ain’t Misbehavin'” and a very sexy Chinese parasol dance by Trixie Royale!



To make everyone feel special, we decided to dress up even more for this set, bringing you classic long Qipao dresses, sensual blues dancing, and then taking you to see our own version of a Peking Opera performance! This set includes jazz standards such as “Fever”, “Honeysuckle Rose” and “Stormy Weather”, followed by a unique fusion silk fan dance performed by Shirley Tempest.


To finish with a bang, we’re going big with a Gatsby style finale! Teasing performance of “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Tallulah Chantease in gorgeous white gown is followed by more upbeat “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby”, losing the gown and revealing a shimmering silver 1920s dress! And for the last act – all times classic “Give Me A Kiss“, bringing back the dancers and encouraging everyone to sing along!



For the events that require longer entertainment time, we can add one more set, usually after the opening, making it total of 5 sets, and  making it 1 h 20 min show in total. For this set we bring more Chinese classic jazz tunes such as “Waiting For You” and “Cupid’s Arrow”, as well as another beautiful 1920s dance “Silver Screen Siren”.

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