Classes 舞蹈课

Fantastic news! Due to several requests, Moonglow’s director and choreographer Trixie Royale will be teaching Gatsby themed burlesque workshops on Saturday afternoon, January 5th! There will be two parts, each focusing on different aspects of burlesque performance: dance and style. FULL PASS: 450 RMB /person 

好消息!鉴于大家的要求,月光之城舞美总监Trixie Royale将在1月5日(星期六)下午开设盖茨比风格主题工作坊。工作坊将分为两部分,从舞蹈至造型诠释20年代的复古风格,通票:450元/人

场地 VENUE: Perfect Future dance studio
地址: 朝阳区春秀路太平庄南里一号楼北侧堉程国际舞蹈戏剧中心
Address: Beijing Chaoyang District Chun Xiu Lu Tai Ping Zhuang Nan Li 1 Building North Yu Cheng International Dance Drama Center

Part 1 – Flapper Dance

第一部分:查尔斯顿舞 (20年代复古舞)
14:00-15:30, 200 元 / 人

Learn a fun and energetic Charleston dance routine from the 1920s, a few sultry feather boa tricks, and even how to tease and strip satin gloves with charm and grace! Early jazz music called “Ragtime” combined with cheeky sexy moves and kicks makes it really joyful to learn.


Charleston was the most popular dance in the 1920s, especially among young girls who liked to go out, jazz music and short skirts – Flappers.  查尔斯顿舞是20年代最流行的舞蹈,特别是在喜欢疯狂派对、爵士音乐和迷你裙的年轻女孩中!也就是我们常说的Flapper女孩!

You don’t need any dance experience to join this class! 无需舞蹈经验. Wear comfortable clothes and your favorite high-heel shoes. 穿上你舒适的衣服和你喜欢的高跟鞋。Gloves and feather boas will be provided for the class. 课程将提供手套和羽毛围巾.

All students will be given an opportunity to perform this routine with Moonglow Burlesque on January 26 at the Bricks for Winter Follies show! 本次课程的学员将有机会参与月光之城1月26日在Bricks的“冬季富丽秀”演出。

Part 2 – Gatsby Style

16:00-18:30, 300 元 / 人

Trixie will teach you how to create that flapper look by yourself for a Gatsby party, performance, or any other occasion without professional tools or help. Trixie会向大家教授如何打造20年代的摩登女郎造型,让你在盖茨比风格聚会或者其他场合中美丽动人。

This workshop is 2 h long and includes three important steps to an authentic 1920s look: 1) history, 2) vintage makeup, 3) 1920s hairdo & accessories. As a bonus, Trixie will teach an important skill of every showgirl – photo poses! 工作坊约2个小时,将通过以下三个步骤打造20年代的复古造型:1.历史 2.整体复古造型 3. 发型和配饰。此外,Trixie将教授你最后一个重要技能——如何在镜头前摆造型!

1. THEORY 风格

The class will start with a short lecture on the fashion of the 1920s, supported by photo examples to give you a clear idea of the style.  课程首先将简短的介绍20年代时尚历史,通过一些老式造型的展示让大家对此风格有进一步具象的了解。

2. MAKEUP 妆容 

After the theoretical part, it’s time to do the makeup like they did it in the 1920s! You will need eyeshadows (including at least one dark and one light shiny color), eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, pink blush, and red lipstick. Note: wear the foundation before the class to save time.

了解过大致的年代风格后 ,将展示如何打造1920年代感的妆容了!在这个部分,你需要准备一些眼影,颜色至少包括黑色和淡闪亮颜色两种,除此之外,还需要眼线笔、眉笔、粉色腮红和红色口红。请注意:为了节约时间,课程开始前你可以先铺上粉底。


Once the makeup is done, we will learn how to do the simple wave by yourself (for long and medium hair) and styling tips for short hair. Note: bring any hair accessories you have (shiny hairpins, headbands, etc.)



At the end of the class, we can all learn how to pose as a real Flapper Girl and take pictures! Trixie will bring a few accessories, including gloves, long pearl necklaces and headbands for everyone to try on and complete that luxurious Gatsby look. 课程最后,我们将学习如何像照片上的摩登女郎一样,美丽优雅的呈现在镜头前!Trixie会给大家带来一些装饰品——手套、长珍珠项链和发带,每个人都可以试戴,变身成一位亮闪闪的充满“盖茨比气质”的时髦女郎 。

Sugar Doll Starlettes

These are our students,  from the previous courses performing for their graduation:


About the Teacher 教师介绍

Trixie Royale从2003年起就开始学习爵士年代的各种舞蹈。2010年起带领着月光之城舞团策划演出了许多精彩绝伦的歌舞秀。从俄罗斯到中国,她拥有超过12年的授课经验,她希望能帮助更多的女性提升自信、在舞蹈中变得性感而充满力量。
Trixie Royale has been dancing all kinds of vintage jazz dances since 2003, and leading Moonglow Burlesque troupe since 2010, choreographing and directing unique cabaret shows! Originally from Russia, she has over 12 years of teaching experience. Her goal is to help all women to be more confident with their body, and teach them a way to feel sexy and empowered while dancing.