6月22日 Enchanted Garden 奇幻花园 last show!

Enchanted-Garden-Bricks6月22日,月光女神将最后一次将 “奇幻花园”带上北京舞台。若虫、女神,精灵在花瓣漩涡中共舞,早期的爵士曲调,及美轮美奂的古典主义浪漫色彩结合,创作了花园的故事主线。花园深处,你们将遇到两位青春之泉的守护者:水灵-湖中的女神,和迈那得斯 – 葡萄酒女神。

On June 22nd Moonglow goddesses will delight the Beijing audience with their magical summer production “Enchanted Garden” for the last time. Nymphs and goddesses, fairies and maidens will dance together in a swirl of flower petals to classical and early jazz tunes, all brought together by a charming story and the garden theme. In the depths of the garden you will encounter two celestial guardians of the Fountain of Youth: the Water Spirit – lady of the lake, and the Maenad – goddess of wine. READ MORE »

日期 DATE: 6月22日 June 22 周六
时间 TIME: 21:30 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
场地 VENUE: the Bricks (64656692) Add: 三里屯新东路首开铂郡北区院内广场 B1层 -007

If you have not yet seen the “Enchanted Garden”, don’t miss this chance to enjoy this unusual for Moonglow elaborate show! 如果你还没有看过春季秀“奇幻花园”,别错过最后一次机会,月光之之城目前最为精美的制作。

6月8日 ”Enchanted Garden 奇幻花园“综艺秀@Inception

Enchanted-Garden-June-86月8日,在奇幻花园中与月光女神一起庆祝端午节!本周六晚上伴随着盛夏的魔力和芬芳,天堂鸟会飞入花园内。在本季没有出现的戴安娜小姐,将展开翅膀再次在舞台上飞翔 !

Be sure to book a table in advance!! The seats are limited!

On June 8th come celebrate the Dragon Boat festival with Moonglow goddesses in the Enchanted Garden, surrounded by magic and fragrance of a summer night! This Saturday ONLY you will have a chance to see the Bird of Paradise, a celestial guardian our audience have not meet this season! The unforgettable Diana Golde will open her wings on stage of Inception for this show only!

  • 日期 DATE: 6月8日 June 8 周六
  • 时间 TIME: 21:30 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
  • 场地 VENUE: Inception 印普 Tel: 64666967
    Address: 东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层 (定位请联系场地)

5月18日 Enchanted Garden cabaret “奇幻花园“卡巴莱秀@Inception


On May 18th Moonglow’s spring and summer season show will be again in full bloom on stage of INCEPTION: five sets, each ~12 min long, with a total running show time of one hour! Don’t miss this chance to see the big cabaret show, with all four celestial vedettes!


日期 DATE: 5月18日 May 18 周六
时间 TIME: 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
门票 TICKETS: 200 /人 (含一杯鸡尾酒 including a drink) 
场地 VENUE: INCEPTION Add: 新中街乙12号紫铭大厦1号楼

4月26日 Enchanted Garden Cabaret Dinner Show 月光之城“奇幻花园”户外花园家庭晚餐秀


  • Family friendly outdoor garden dinner show 户外花园家庭晚餐秀
  • Romantic interactive Cabaret in style of Art Nouveau 浪漫卡巴莱新古典浪漫艺术风格
  • Stunning costumes and a charming story! 精美原创服装&迷人的故事!


On April 26th Moonglow Entertainment brings the full-scale production of the “Enchanted Garden” cabaret to Beijing stage: five sets, each ~12 min long, with a total running show time of one hour!  This show will take place in the outdoor garden of Eudora Station! Guests will be seated among the real trees and flowers, while the vedettes dance their way into the garden maze to discover its secrets.

  • 日期 DATE: 426 April 26 周五
  • 时间 TIME: 19:30 演出开始 Show starts 19:30
  • 门票 TICKETS: 预售180 / (pre-sale) 含一杯鸡尾酒 including a drink
  • 场地 VENUE: Eudora Station 亿多瑞站: 芳园西路6号(丽都广场对面)#6 Fang Yuan West Road (opposite Lido Place)

4月13日 ”Enchanted Garden 奇幻花园@Inception

Enchanted-Garden-Inception4月13日 (周六),你将有机会一瞥我们最新的春季作品“奇幻花园”。

This Saturday, April 13th you will have a first glance at our spring production “Enchanted Garden

综艺秀中,故事的主人公将带你走进这座月光之城“奇幻花园”, 去探寻花园深处的女神!

In this variety show, the main character Clementine will lead you to the Enchanted Garden, to meet two of the celestial vedettes: the Flower Fairy and the Phoenix!

场地 VENUE: Inception 印普 Tel: 64666967东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层 (定位请联系场地

综艺秀是卡巴莱表演中的缩小版本;每小节将会有一位表演者登台,嘉宾有更多时间享受鸡尾酒和彼此聊天。No cover charge variety shows are a smaller version of what you can see in our cabaret. The performers will do different acts throughout the night, giving the guests more time to enjoy their drinks and conversations. 

The Enchanted Garden 奇幻花园 New Season Program!


Art-NouveauMoonglow Entertainment is in constant search of new ideas and concepts to keep the audiences excited and amazed. Twice a year we make a huge effort in designing a whole new creative idea for the new season. This spring Moonglow will present something more elaborate than ever, in the fine-detailed romantic style of Art Nouveau.



1月19日 Winter Follies 冬季富丽秀 Dinner Show

winter-follies千万不要错过1月19日”冬季富丽秀”终场大秀! 随着春节假期的来临,亿多瑞站的晚餐秀场,将你带入家庭和好友聚会的快乐节日氛围。

Don’t miss the chance to see the final big show of the Winter Follies, Holiday revue on January 19th! While the holiday vibes are still in full spin with Chinese New Year approaching, we would like to invite you to a family friendly dinner show at Eudora Station.

Enjoy dinner and drinks while listening to vintage jazz music and winter themed songs by our fabulous singer Jojo Nightingale, as well as delightful sexy dance acts and chorus lines by Moonglow showgirls – all in extravagant Gatsby style! READ MORE


日期 DATE: 1月19日 JANUARY 19 周六
时间 TIME: 19:30 演出开始 Show starts 19:30; 22:00 – after party with live band
门票 TICKETS: 130-180 元 /人 (pre-sale. 含一杯鸡尾酒 including a welcome drink)
场地 VENUE: Eudora Station 亿多瑞站: 芳园西路6号(丽都广场对面)#6 Fang Yuan West Road (opposite Lido Place)


在观看歌舞表演同时和朋友及家人享受美食美酒。此秀适合任何年龄阶段,虽然成年人可以品尝到具有暗示性的滑稽风格和戏弄性的舞蹈动作,但孩子们可以欣赏到舞台上的欢乐,风趣的表演和复古华丽(而不是太暴露!)的服装,以及假日主题中生动的角色扮演。This show is suitable for any age! While the adults can savor the suggestive burlesque style and the teasing dance moves, the kids can appreciate the colorful (and not too revealing!) costumes, holiday tunes and vivid characters we bring out for this show. Fun for the whole family!!


12月29日 Winter Follies 盖茨比风格歌舞汇演 Burlesque Show @ Modernista

WF-Modernista-1229.jpgWe hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a warm cozy week! But now it’s time to let the hair down and kick the heels high to welcome in the new year! Let the holidays continue with Moonglow Burlesque’s Gatsby themed burlesque show at Modernista this Saturday, December  29th!

美好温暖的圣诞周刚刚过去!是时候甩起秀发,登上高跟鞋欢庆新年的到来! 12月29日(周六)在Modernista举办的月光之城盖茨比主题宝乐思将让假期继续!

On this night you will have another chance to be dazzled by the marvelous performance and divine voice of Moonglow’s new songstress Jojo Nightingale! 这个夜晚,你将有机会欣赏月光之城新星Jojo 夜莺般的奇妙表演和迷人声线!

日期 DATE: 12月29日 DECEMBER 29 (周六 Saturday)
时间 TIME: from 21:00 免费进场 FREE ENTRANCE
场地 VENUE: Modernista 宝钞胡同44号 #44 Baochao Hutong

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12月24日 Christmas Burlesque show


On Christmas eve Moonglow showgirls invite you to Inception bar for a celebration together! There will be the highlight performances from Winter Follies, all in the Christmas spirit and Gatsby style!! FREE ENTRANCE! So come on down after you Christmas dinner, anytime starting from 9 PM for a glamorous vintage night with classy cocktails, champagne and tantalising entertainment!

时间 TIME: Show starts 21:30 演出开始
场地 VENUE: Inception 印普  东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层
Book a table: 6466-6967