Performers 演员介绍

Moonglow Burlesque troupe, formed in 2010, includes a diverse group of performers from China, Russia, United States, South Africa and a few more, all with a rich background in dance and musical performance as well as a deep understanding of the authentic Jazz Era style of entertainment.



Trixie Royale

The director and the designer of most of the costumes of the troupe, she shows her deep passion for the authentic jazz style in her teasing and playful dance moves. Don’t be surprised when you see her dancing Charleston and shake a banana skirt like Josephine Baker, or spin her juggling glowing poi dressed as Beetlejuice!

因为她撩人的动作和勾人的眼神,你会有想要“靠近这个敌人”的欲望。空降自俄罗斯,Trixie 还是月光之城的歌舞总编导。



Shirley Tempest

The true Chinese beauty, passionate swing dance teacher, and a very talented burlesque performer, Shirley always captivates the audiences with her charming smile and graceful dance style. After she has mastered 1920s Charleston and other vintage dancers, she shows an incredible skills with feather fans!



Diana Golde

Originally from South Africa, this gorgeous starlette bewitches the audience with her elegant beauty and a stunning grace while she moves. Having a professional ballet and other dance background, her dance skills are leaving everyone in awe as she unravels the mystery of her character on stage of a cabaret show.



Liwa la Fleur

Liwa has been performing with Moonglow Burlesque longer than any other member. Reunited with the group after 2 years, she is dazzling on stage with brand new dance acts!


Scarlet Manhattan

Miss Scarlet joined Moonglow Burlesque troupe just recently, but already has proven herself with no doubt the new rising star of Chinese burlesque!


Mr. 00’Handsome

Our most extravagant multi-talented Master of Ceremonies will welcome you with all the grace of a professional actor, and keep you entertained throughout the night! Without a doubt he is not just a presenter of other acts, he is an act on his own!