Wild West Program 西部狂野秀

Come to “Moonglow Saloon” where you can meet a sexy female Sheriff, or Cherokee princess dressed in feathers, drink Tequila with Mexican beauties, or watch Saloon girls kick their legs in Cancan dance!

我们将邀请你来到“月光酒馆” 西部牛仔、墨西哥美人、警长、土著印第安,还有康康女郎让你体验到最原始的西部风情

120 RMB pre-sale, 150 RMB at the door

This Sunday you can have the first glance of the two new acts of the show during the Beijinger Burger Cup! Performance time 17:30.
这个星期天在The Beijinger主办的汉堡节上,您将有机会提前欣赏一段新的《狂野的西部》歌舞表演!演出时间:下午五点半



1. Sexy cowgirls group dance

For the opening we bring a group dance based on the all time classic – the Electric Slide. Four cowgirls dancing to the well-known tune “Sweet Home Alabama”!

2. Tequila!

This funny and humorous duo dance will make everyone smile and cheer, as the girls dance to the famous song “Tequila”

3. Down In Mexico

Very teasing and sensual solo dance, performed in a bright and colorful costume!

4. Bakersfield Blues

This duo blues dance is more modern and very groovy. VIDEO

5. Cherokee Princess

Inspired by vintage burlesque performers such as Princess Lahoma, this solo dance has a different, more innocent feel to it, but still with a stunning sexy handmade costume.

6. Sexy Sheriff

Like in the old Western, there is a horseback chase and shooting, only this time you want to be arrested by our Sheriff!

7. Saloon Girls Can-Can

Every saloon has a Can-Can dance finale, and so does ours! VIDEO



Besides dance performances we can provide a full experience with fun games and activities as well as decorations. Below is a list of possible options:

  • MC / host
  • Blues or Country band
  • American Square / Contra dancing
  • Shooting games (toy pistol can shooting and toy arrow shooting)
  • Photo booth
  • “Wanted” and vintage Wild West posters decorations
  • Big backdrop, stage decorations and props
  • DJ with themed dance music for between sets / after party