Repertoire 节目单

Moonglow-PostersMoonglow Entertainment specializes on building a unique and comprehensive themed experience for the guests, including not just the performances, but every detail from decorations and activities to background music and staff outfits.  Moonglow offers many themed shows and parties, for any occasion and audience. From “Wild West” to “Viva Las Vegas”, from “Shanghai Melody” to “Jungle Dream”, but what makes it special is the deep knowledge of vintage styles from 1920s to 1990s and old Hollywood aesthetics.

Below you can see a few examples of the themes were presented in the past, building the entourage around the themed cabaret show and other entertainment.


To esquire about any particular theme, please contact 15901226159 (Mobile/Wechat)


经过多年的演出和合作经验,我们的演出形式可分为以下几种. During the years of experience in organizing such events, Moonglow has developed three main formats of themed entertainment.

CABARET SHOW 卡巴莱秀. Full cast big production (5+ performers) with a total running show time of one hour, which can be divided in two 30 min sets or five sets each ~12 min long. To make sure all guests are comfortable while watching the big show, we limit the number of seats and tables and have a cover charge with a welcome drink included. Cabaret show is designed to enjoy food and drinks in the breaks between the sets, and can also be a family-friendly dinner show.

THEME PARTY 主题派对. Theme party is more about the guests than the performers, although there are always a couple of appearances on stage, of course! The showgirls are taking photos with guests, giving out prizes for the best costume, and leading theme activities and games. Details are very important to create an immersive experience; appropriate DJ music, decorations and video projections is what we use to build the unique atmosphere of Moonglow theme parties. 主题派对更多是关于嘉宾而不是表演者,穿插在派对中的演出,从表演,服装到表情等细节都将观众带入派对主题中,歌舞女郎将会同客人合影,颁发奖品

VARIETY SHOW 无门票综艺秀. No cover charge variety shows are a smaller version of what you can see in our cabaret. The performers will do individual acts (instead of full sets) throughout the night, giving the guests more time to enjoy their drinks and conversations. Usually these shows will have an MC, 2-3 leading performers and several guest appearances.  综艺秀是卡巴莱表演中的缩小版本;每小节将会有一位表演者登台,嘉宾有更多时间享受鸡尾酒和彼此聊天。