Trixie Royale

Trixie Royale is a swing, burlesque and cabaret performer, dancer, teacher, choreographer, director and costume designer for Moonglow Burlesque, originally from Russia and now living in Beijing, China.  Her style is based on deep understanding of Jazz Era (1920s – 1950s), and unique in its historical authenticity.


She had performed, and taught workshops in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and a few other countries.

Russian Spy

Trixie doesn’t forget her Russian roots even after 13 years living and performing in Asia.  Besides the act based on traditional Russian folk dancing and appearance, her favorite act to perform is a cabaret chair dance, in which she appears as a Russian spy from a James Bond movie.


Trixie had been dancing, teaching and performing Jazz Age dances such as Swing, Tap, Balboa, and many others for almost 16 years.  But she feels especially passionate about the 1920s sensation – the Charleston.

Trixie gets her inspiration from the 1920s entertainers such as Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker, and has a few tribute acts in which she is impersonating Chaplin or doing Baker’s famous banana skirt dance.

Pinup Doll & Showgirl

In her performances Trixie pays very detailed attention to the authentic vintage look and historical accuracy.  Everything from music and costumes to hair and makeup is designed according to the fashion of the time, replicating the classic look of the 1920s – 1950s.

Unlike many Neo-burlesque performers, Trixie always builds her act around a skill, combined with authentic vintage look and creative theme, from Beetlejuice poi juggling to Moulin Rouge glamour feather fan tease.

Dark Beauty

In her performances Trixie embraces many different styles, and especially admires sideshow performers. A bit of darkness or a hint of fetish can bring something special to a performance. She finds creating such characters most interesting and liberating.

Costume Designer & Entertainer

Trixie designs and often makes most of the costumes for the Moonglow troupe! This is a lot of work, but the result indeed worth the while! But an exotic costume is only a half of the act. Trixie knows how to entertain the crowds, so she always builds a complete character with a story to tell in her act.

  • Flower fairy burlesque dance act
  • Bird of Paradise burlesque act
  • Sheriff from the Old West