12月29日 Winter Follies 盖茨比风格歌舞汇演 Burlesque Show @ Modernista

WF-Modernista-1229.jpgWe hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a warm cozy week! But now it’s time to let the hair down and kick the heels high to welcome in the new year! Let the holidays continue with Moonglow Burlesque’s Gatsby themed burlesque show at Modernista this Saturday, December  29th!

美好温暖的圣诞周刚刚过去!是时候甩起秀发,登上高跟鞋欢庆新年的到来! 12月29日(周六)在Modernista举办的月光之城盖茨比主题宝乐思将让假期继续!

On this night you will have another chance to be dazzled by the marvelous performance and divine voice of Moonglow’s new songstress Jojo Nightingale! 这个夜晚,你将有机会欣赏月光之城新星Jojo 夜莺般的奇妙表演和迷人声线!

日期 DATE: 12月29日 DECEMBER 29 (周六 Saturday)
时间 TIME: from 21:00 免费进场 FREE ENTRANCE
场地 VENUE: Modernista 宝钞胡同44号 #44 Baochao Hutong

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12月24日 Christmas Burlesque show


On Christmas eve Moonglow showgirls invite you to Inception bar for a celebration together! There will be the highlight performances from Winter Follies, all in the Christmas spirit and Gatsby style!! FREE ENTRANCE! So come on down after you Christmas dinner, anytime starting from 9 PM for a glamorous vintage night with classy cocktails, champagne and tantalising entertainment!

时间 TIME: Show starts 21:30 演出开始
场地 VENUE: Inception 印普  东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层
Book a table: 6466-6967

12月15日 Winter Follies 冬季富丽秀 Holiday Revue

After three months of performing a classy and elegant 1930s cabaret, Moonglow Burlesque is breaking loose with a new season program – Winter Follies, Holiday revue. Time to let the hair down and kick the heels high to welcome in the festive mood of winter holidays! 经典优雅的30年代歌舞经过三个月后将告一段落。在冬季节日即将临近时,穿上最耀眼的礼服和高跟鞋, 加入月光之城最新推出的“冬季富丽秀 ”!


Let’s get crazy and celebrate Christmas and New Year with a bang – Gatsby style!! Flappers, feathers, shimmering gold, colorful costumes and new dance acts await you at the Winter Follies gala. 让我们疯狂的庆祝圣诞节和新年的Bang!- 盖茨比风格、时髦裙装女郎、羽毛 、闪闪发光的金色、五颜六色的衣着,及冬季富丽秀上最新的表演正在等着你!


The premiere of Winter Follies will be held on DECEMBER 15th at the new magnificent cocktail bar in Chunxiulu area called “INCEPTION“.冬季富丽秀将在12月15日(周六)在华丽的”INCEPTION”印普酒吧(春秀路)拉开帷幕。

日期 DATE: 12月15日 DECEMBER 15 周六
时间 TIME: 21:30 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
场地 VENUE: Inception 印普  东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层
着装要求 DRESS CODE: 礼服/ 盖茨比 Black Tie Optional / Gatsby

门票 TICKETS: 200元 /人 (含一杯鸡尾酒 including a drink)


11.29 月光之城公开试镜 Moonglow Open Audition


Moonglow Burlesque is in constant search of new talents and acts, and as we are beginning to work on the new winter program, it’s time to call for new creative people to join our team. 月光之城一直以来都在寻找更好的人才和作品。冬季秀发布前,我们将招募新人加入冬季秀,让你也成为我们其中一员!

On Thursday, November 29th, Moonglow will host an open mic audition at Inception for anyone who would like to show their special skill. 11月29日(周四),月光之城将在inception举办一场“开放式麦克试镜”。

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10.27 – Moonglow Carnival Halloween party and Burlesque Sideshow!

Carnival-Inception.jpegThe Moonglow Carnival is in town for one night only!! On Saturday evening Inception will be transformed to the vintage carnival with fantastic attractions and games! Don’t miss your chance to try your luck at the Fortune Wheel or see the Bearded Lady and the Siamese Twins, conjoined at the hip! Madame Mystique, the Gypsy Fortune Teller, Scarlet the Balloon Girl, Liwa the Raven Woman, and Argenta the Human Sized Dancing Doll (ALIVE!!) – all will show you the tricks you’ve never seen before at the hoochie-koochie Burlesque SIDESHOW!! Step right up! Step right up! The entrance is FREE!! Doors open at 9.00 PM, the show starts at 9.30 PM. See you at the Dark Carnival on October 27 ONLY!

日期 DATE: 10月27日 OCTOBER 27 周六
时间 TIME: 21:30 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
场地 VENUE: Inception 印普  64666967 Add: 东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层


10.13 月光之城1930 Moonglow Cabaret 1930 premiere @ Inception 印普

Moonglow-Cabaret-1930.jpg加入月光之城,享受一夜复古“歌舞线上”性感的歌舞女郎和华丽服饰——季度新秀 “月光之城1930”。Join Moonglow Burlesque for a night of vintage chorus lines, sexy showgirls, and the gorgeous vedettes, as they bring you an all new season program, MOONGLOW CABARET 1930.

The premiere of Moonglow Cabaret 1930 will be held on OCTOBER 13th at the new magnificent cocktail bar in Chunxiulu area called “INCEPTION“. 月光之城1930首秀将在10月13日(周六)在华丽的”INCEPTION”印普酒吧(春秀路)拉开帷幕。


日期 DATE: 10月13日 OCTOBER 13 周六
时间 TIME: 21:30 演出开始 Show starts 21:30
门票 TICKETS: 200元 /人 (含一杯鸡尾酒 including a drink)
场地 VENUE: Inception 印普  东城区新中街乙12号紫铭大厦一层


8.19 Chorus Line trial class 复古女郎舞试听课


Join us for a introduction trial class this Sunday! Trixie Royale will teach a vintage Chorus Line routine, inspired by old Hollywood movies. No dance experience necessary!  15:00-16:00 near Xiaojie Qiao, 60 RMB / person

8月19日 15:00-16:00 – 试听课, 60元/人

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好莱坞回映 Hollywood Revue in Nanjing 南京 6月29,30日


After three sold out shows in Shanghai and Beijing, Moonglow Burlesque is excited to bring this elaborate program to Nanjing!


6月29日、30日,“月光之城”降临Bible Club,这是在南京第一次能够看到精彩的宝乐思表演,3位舞者将带来两晚非凡刺激的独特体验。 6月的最后,我们想给你呈现一台完美的宝乐思表演,让你震惊、惊艳、尖叫、回味……


June 29,30 2018年6月29,30日(周五,周六)
Doors open 21:00. Showtime 21:30


Hollywood Revue in Nanjing will be starring 3 amazing performers (Liwa la Fleur, Scarlet Manhattan and Trixie Royale), each presenting their special act in one of the sets. 好莱坞回映”将有3位舞者(Liwa la Fleur, Scarlet Manhattan, Trixie Royale),每场将都有一位舞者奉献上主题表演。