Shanghai Melody of 1928 上海旋律1928

This season Moonglow Burlesque is running a new themed show. In tune with nostalgic mood of the Autumn, we’re bringing the charm of the vintage Chinese songs and the Jazz Age dances to this season’s audiences.秋天的来临增添了几分怀旧色彩。这一季,我们将为观众带来中国复古歌舞秀。



9月在“将将”的演出拉开了这一季的序幕。我们将邀请大家光临11月18日在 Modernista 上演的秀,这场演出添加了更多的复古歌曲,并将分为4个部分(15分钟一部分)。

After an amazing first show at Tiens Tiens in September, we would like to invite everyone to Modernista on NOVEMBER 1 for another unforgettable night. We’ve added a few new songs in the program, making four delightful sets of 15 min each!


Shanghai Melody of 1928” is a classic cabaret show, starring our fabulous singer Tallulah Chantease (aka Nanci). She will delight you with all the iconic Chinese jazz tunes, such as “Ye Shanghai” and “Give Me A Kiss”, while Moonglow showgirls will enchant you with their new seductive Chinese inspired costumes and dances!

上海旋律1928”是经典的宝思乐秀,Tallulah Chantease 的柔情歌声将为演出开场(aka Nanci),她将献上标志性的中国爵士歌曲,如 “夜上海”,“给我一个吻”,月光之城女郎将展示中国传统服装和舞蹈。


周五11月18日 November 18, Friday

第一场复古歌舞表演22:00开始 | Show starts at 10:00 PM

MODERNISTA Tel: 13691425744
44 Baochao Hutong (near Gulou Dongdajie) – 宝钞胡同44号
Free Entrance 无门票 

The entrance is free, but for those who want to sit comfortably and enjoy the best view of the show, Modernista team prepared special premium seating packages. Reserve as soon as possible as tables are limited. 为了成就一次完美的观感体验,我们这一次还破天荒为大家提供以下包桌套餐,尊享舒适的座位,还可以品尝到我们专为这次盛会而特设的美酒佳肴。


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